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Special features of analytical instruments corporation systems:

  1. Detectors with power applied, can withstand a week or longer without carrier gas, before signs of deterioration.
  2. Bridge configuration: Straight thru flow of carrier gas and sample thru the active side of Detector Bridge and diffusion flow thru the reference side of the bridge, permitting to have changes in flows of 100 cc/per minute thru the active side, and 5 cc/per minute flow thru the reference side.
  3. Stability and linearity of Detector Bridge:calibration is generally only required 3 times in a year.
  4. Detection and integration of area under the curve of each component, based on the change of slope, not on a zero baseline.
  5. Automatic elution time correction on each peak, allowing variations in elution time to pick up accurately every component. Range is adjustable.
  6. Auto zero at the end of each analysis, of + or – 500 million-volts on each side. (total span 1 volt)
  7. Memory of up to 8400 analysis on each stream. This allows seeing variations over long periods of time, based on the functions of the process.
  8. Settings of streams analysis,to allow analysis of most important streams such as a sequence of streams: 1-2; 1-3; 1-4; 1-5; 1-6; 1-7; 1-8; 1-9; 1-10.
  9. Eight methods to allow for the calibration of 10 streams per analyzer, assigning the methods to compatible streams.
  10. Analyzer control module designed to control 10 streams per analyzer.
  11. System designed to control 10 analyzers for a total of 100 streams.
  12. Three (3) types of analyzers:
    1. Process where air is available.
    2. Btu/pipeline where air is not present.
    3. Laboratory analyzer, where manual samples are run, and automatic operation of selected streams can be done 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This is accomplished by using in the lab analyzer the same rugged components than the process or btu analyzer.
  13. Wn-800 adapter. Ethernet connection that allows the programming of the analyzer with a lap top thousands of miles away from the analyzer.
  14. Troubleshooting, helping users in the field, without any charges for the time and help provided via internet, fax, or telephone communication.
  15. Analytical Instruments Corporation has been in operation since 1973, and has systems in place in China, Pakistan, Oman. Nigeria, Indonesia, Malabo Island, North, Central and South America.

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