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We offer a host of service options to keep your analyzers performing in top shape and providing longevity that is unparalleled in the industry. We have analyzers in operation today that were installed over 30 years ago, and they still perform like they were installed yesterday.

    • Onsite Service ~ We have service technicians that will travel to your location for start-up, troubleshooting, or even adding another stream to your existing system.
    • In-House Service ~ We repair valves, circuit boards and other parts right here at AIC. We also refurbish complete systems that have been damaged due to storms, hurricanes, lightning, etc. at a much lower cost than buying a new system.
    • Application Engineering ~ Not required, but highly recommended. This service allows an operator to install a new set of columns and have the analyzer up and running in a matter of hours instead of days. Includes booklet with all operational data, analysis reports and chromatograms.
    • Tech Support by Phone~We have always provided technical support by phone, to operators of AIC Chromatographs at no cost. Whether you need assistance with our software, or any other part of the complete system, we are dedicated to help you get back online fast!
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