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When employed with Model 600 Series Gas Analyzers and Model 700 Sample Systems, the MC-503 System becomes a computer-controlled process gas chromatograph system. In this configuration the system may employ up to ten process gas analyzers, or it may employ these process analyzers together with laboratory and/or pipeline/BTU analyzers in any combination for controlling up to ten analyzers per system.

Some of the features of the Model 600:

  • Zero-crossing switched microprocessor-based temperature control.
  • Precise, simplified carrier flow control system.
  • AIC ten-port valve provides connections for 1/16”, 1/8”, or 3/16” tubing to accommodate a sample loop and two columns.
  • Can accommodate up to three valves for very sophisticated applications.
  • Balanced bridge circuit allows replacement of individual detector in bridge without having to match the set.
  • Bridge stability is virtually unaffected by flow variations with column switching.

Interior of Model 600 Analyzer Oven

Model 600 (Pedestal Enclosure)

Sample Oven Features and Accessories:

  • Electrically heated insulated cabinet.
  • Externally mounted speed loop valves and self cleaning bypass filters.
  • Electrically heated vaporizer regulators.
  • High pressure regulators.
  • Single or double block and bleed solenoids.
  • Oil separator for removal of oil mist or droplets from vapor samples.
  • Cyclone separator/demister for removal of solids and unwanted liquids.
  • Scrubber/drier packed with suitable scrubbing agent or dessicant.
  • Water coalescer for removal of up to 10% emulsified water from a liquid hydrocarbon stream.
  • Standard sample valve for calibration of analyzer.
  • Sample probe with cut-off valve, mounted at sample take-off point, to obtain a clean representative sample.