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An AIC 19” rack-mounted cubicle enclosure allows the individual components of the data control system and analyzer control modules to be located in one neat, compact package.

Data Processing Center Features:

  • Data Hub (Computer) pre-loaded with the MC-503 software.
  • Simultaneous operation of up to ten process, pipeline/BTU or laboratory analyzers.
  • Controls the entire gas analysis process with little operator intervention.
  • Multiplexer communication unit allows data to transfer from each analyzer control module to the hub.
  • Sample up to 100 streams.
  • The data processing center controls the analyzer functions and configures the data for printout.

Data Processing Center in 19” Rack

WN-800 Ethernet Adapter

The WN-800 provides remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for plant personnel, as well as enhanced technical assistance from AIC.

  • It allows the user to access the AIC analyzer from anywhere, using the internet with a secure log-in and password.
  • It is provided in a 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure.
  • All of the functionality of the Data Hub (Computer) is preserved.
  • The multiplexer, printer and Modbus connections are unaffected.
  • The user’s keyboard and monitor, presently connected to the Computer, are now attached to the WN-800.

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